Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carp Tour

A Saturday afternoon session saw Adam and I in search of some golden ghosts on our home turf. In the morning, I was able to slam down my first canal carp of the season while Adam shot a blank. From there we headed southeast into the third largest city in PA where a limestone fed pond creates an ideal habitat for a strong population of bones. Medium in size, they inhabit gin clear water devoid of weeds thanks to some pesticides. Very wary fish, fished hard by more than just us. We were able to bring a few to hand despite a fair taking place on the opposite bank creating quite a disturbance.

After making the familiar rounds, we decided to check out some new water. The new water was situated in the middle of a large baseball tournament. Little kids followed us to the water and decided it would be good for our fishing, to throw rocks. It was not an ideal place to fly fish for carp, but we tried anyway, bushwhacking through thick bank side cover. We spotted two carp at the new spot, but they soon retreated to deeper water.

On the way home, we stopped at where it all began. Adam caught the largest carp in the puddle and I landed a one eyed carp for good measure.

A Leftover Rod Holder

On the Lookout

Taking Flight

A Rare Dead Carp

Lago X

One Eyed Bandit

The Largest Snapping Turtle I Ever Laid Eyes On
Taking A Breath in 3ft of Water

Lago X

Pot of Gold @ The End Of The Rainbow

Looking Unhealthy

Dragging One In

The Scoop


Splash To The Face

Gettin It On

Reservoir Carp

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Feather Chucker said...

Nice post. I need to go find some of those. I haven't seen a common in a while around here. I'm wondering if it is too hot for them. I'm not sure that's possible.