Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day came and went a while ago. It has become sort of a tradition the last few years to take Big Poppa Pump fly fishing and then out for a round of golf. Of course, I love the fly fishing aspect of the day but I'd rather be out fishing when it comes to a round of golf, but that is my dad's thing, so I don't mind it every now and then. I particularly enjoy beating him in a round of golf and watching him catch fish.

My father and I have a particular fishing destination in mind whenever we go out. It is close to home, involves a nice hike through the woods, and is home to a good population of wild brown trout and leftover stockers. Back in the day, my grandfather fished here as a kid and I often refer to it as "Grandpa's Stretch," so it has a little more significance on father's day. It is also a perfect place to take our chocolate lab out, Riley, and let her roam around for awhile.

This year, the water has been low and the temperatures hot. With the three of us wondering upstream, the trout easily spooked but I none of us seemed to really mind the lack of fish caught. On this day, they were just an added bonus. The company is what this day was all about.


Unknown said...

Great Post.

With a dog that looked like a small bear at first glance, and it's ability to tree walk, it had everything.

Kind Regards.

Mark said...

Rich, sometimes I think she is more cat than dog

Mark Kautz said...

The company is the thing on Father's Day.


Urban Fly Fisher said...

Dude - you dog is....is....sucking out my very soul with those eyes!