Thursday, November 15, 2012

Start em' Young

Fall was at its peak along White Clay Creek on the border of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Traveling up and down the stream made it seem like you were in a kaleidoscope of browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. A perk of living in the area is that the lower and closer one goes to the shore the longer it seems the colors of fall cling onto the branches of the towering trees. A few weeks earlier, I visited home, only a few hours north, and all the leaves were gone. However, the scene was about to change. Hurricane Sandy was on the way.

I woke up early that day to a phone call from my friend Derek, asking about heading out fishing before the football games. I obliged, woke up, and immediately sat at the vice and tied three quick streamers for the stocked trout.

When we all met up at the stream, I was surprised that Derek's friend Eric had brought along a companion for the day, his six week old chocolate lab, Gracie. I quickly realized that the day was going to be less about fishing and more about being on the water. I didn't mind one bit.

Gracie was a natural on the water and we quickly learned that having her on the leash was actually a bad thing. Soon, she was running up and down the bank never letting Eric leave her sight. At only six weeks old, she was a little hesitant approaching deeper water and was shivering most of the day. However, she remained by her master's side, at attention while he fished. She was more well behaved than my two seven year old labs. I guess you have to start them young.

For me, it became one of those days where I kept the streamer on, despite the fish literally running away from it most of the time. I could have cared less. It was warm, the scenery was beautiful, and I had company.


Mark Kautz said...

Gracie is very cute. I took my Belgian Shepherd fishing once. Note I said once. Couldn't keep her from running up and down the middle of the stream.

Mr. P. said...

Great fall scenery.

kerdosy said...

Well Mark, let's round out the pack and get a yellow lab for mom for x-mas. Gracie brings back memories of Riley and Sophie as pups.