Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out With Sis

Early March in the Mid-Atlantic region is ushering in Spring, but winter has other ideas and keeps rearing its ugly head. Days of t-shirt weather are interrupted by snow, wind, and ice which makes the fishing tough to predict, especially if your targeting carp. If your targeting trout, you can expect early black stones, midges, and BWOs depending on the day and the body of water your on. I spent my Saturday carping, and when I came home my sister approached me about taking her out trout fishing. Caught off guard, I willingly obliged to take her out in the near freezing temperatures the next afternoon.

The outing ended up being my sister's second time out fly fishing for trout. I can vividly recall her first time on a the water and her first trout. It was a super tiny stream and she roll casted a hopper up into a riffle where a brook trout willingly crushed it. It was the first brook trout I had seen on that particular stream in over three years. The next time my sister went fly fishing was in the Caribbean. Both of us were experiencing the Caribbean for the first time and I left after one week without catching my first bonefish. When my brother told me that my sister, with her five hours of fly fishing experience caught a bonefish the day after I left, I was flabbergasted. How could that have happened? I remembered the random brook trout and just shook my head. Every now and then, she likes to remind me that she caught a bonefish on fly before I did.

On this particular day, she was rusty. I guess that tends to happen when you wait three years between every fly fishing experience. However, she quickly got into the swing of things and was hooking small wild browns and a few leftover stockers from the previous year. Her lack of line management and fish fighting experience caused her to lose almost all of the fish at our feet, but we didn't mind one bit. One rainbow finally came to hand before we walked back to the car. Along the way she expressed her interest in wanting to improve her fly fishing skills and get on the water more. Hopefully, it happens a little more frequently than once every three years.


Gregg said...

That's cool that your sister has an interest that may be honed it seems to a fine degree. carp may come, then I feel sorry for her.


Feather Chucker said...

Interesting color on that fish. It's nice you and your sister can share time on the water. 3yrs in between trips is quite a bit.