Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

I laid awake, flanked by two spoiled labs, and unable to sleep. I slowly realized that summer was drawing to a close and the school year was about to commence. I wasn't worried at all about school. However, I was worried that I didn't fish as much as I should have over the summer. The hot doldrums of July and August had me trapped in a lazy funk full of late nights and extended periods of sleep. It slowly dawned on me that I fish more during the school year than I do when I have off for the entirety of the summer. It only took a few years, but its true. Priorities have a way of emerging the more your time is constrained. The school year forces me to fully take advantage of my days off and I am almost always fishing. The summer calm has me spending time with family and friends. I am recovering for the real season, where I work to live, rather than live to work. Summer is my calm, while the school year is my storm. 

As I arrived back in the area for another school year, I returned to my usual carp haunts to say hello to a few carp that I hadn't seen in awhile. They fully obliged and I satiated my fishing appetite for the time being. I even got the SUP out and into a few river fish on large crayfish imitations. There is nothing quite like sight fishing to carp to reinvigorate my soul for another school year of work and play. 


Gregg said...

Can't get enough of carp and pictures of them. I also have a summer off and didn't fish as much as I would have liked. Good stuff you broght us-my carp are very unwilling to eat larger flies so I am envious.


Snuffit said...

Lovely fish. Enjoy the school years, they are the best of your life.

Unknown said...

Great to see a soft mat in the boat for fish protection. Thanks for sharing such a great time.