Monday, January 27, 2014

Fall In Full Swing

As I sit and write this it’s currently January 27th. It just so happens to be one of three weekends I went without swinging flies on the Salmon River since the last week of August. The only reason I’m not there is because Mark had persuaded me to attend the show in Somerset NJ. Between a full-time job and swinging flies from sunrise to sunset two days a week I rarely get to open a computer.

Back in August through the first two weeks of October I fished for Kings on the DSR. In my time spent there I befriended a season pass holder who also believed in “swinging or going home”. The last weekend I fished the DSR there were steelhead pouring in from the estuary and we stepped down a few runs together, both of us were rewarded.

After  seeing  the number of steelhead that were in the system it was time to switch gears and say goodbye to the kings as well as the DSR. I spent the rest of October and all of November fishing mid river. This is a tough time of year to be swinging flies because the steelhead rarely stray from the free breakfast buffet on the bottom of the river to burn energy chasing down your fly. To make things more difficult the weather conditions and river flows were ever changing and figuring out how to adapt to these conditions really cut into my swinging time. I did manage a few nice steelhead though, all very explosive and full of energy.


High Water

Yellow Line Love

A slight breeze... Gale force.


Nothing like a three mile hike back to the car in complete darkness...

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