Monday, June 2, 2014

Long Overdue, Winter Part 2

For the first half of Winter I primarily fished the upper river. After awhile the crowds and drift boats became a bit too much. I spent the latter half of the season in peace and quite covering the lower river in search of willing participants.

This was probably my most enjoyable time on the river. Long periods of casting interrupted by violent grabs followed by ridiculous laughter on my part to be witnessed by no one but myself.

Good times were had...

This slowly became the standard...
LOOP Cross S1 8130-4/Classic 79
RIO Scandi 480
LOOP 17' monofilament leader 25lb, cut back and tapered with Maxima fluorocarbon

My most productive pattern

I messed around with a skagit set-up for awhile, I had fun putting some monster flies in tight places...

One hell of a grab.

A skagit felt weird after five months of throwing a scandi...

Back to the scandi.

The first sign to start thinking carp

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