Monday, August 17, 2015


Grand Teton

It has been awhile since I've gone on a fly fishing trip that involved a plane ride to a place I've never been before. Over the past few years of being a homebody, I've stuck to my usual routines. A lot of that can be attributed to Adam beginning to guide in Alaska and my brother living in Africa for three years. With my brother having now moved back to the states, one of my two predominant fishing partners would be home for a summer of fishing. That alone was enough to light a little fire inside of me.

My girlfriend, Katie and I, planned a trip to Wyoming for some fishing, backpacking, and visiting of friends and family. Naturally, we extended the offer to my brother and his wife, Stacy, to join us. My brother decided that it would be in our best interests to go out a week early to focus entirely on fly fishing, like the good old days. A week long trip west suddenly turned into a seventeen day venture that we'd be leaving for in a scant two weeks. Two weeks of prepping gear, tying a lot of flies, and honestly little research into where we'd be fishing. Thankfully, Wyoming, despite it's private property laws, ended up having a bounty of public water to fish.

Fish we did. My brother and I spent a week fishing the North Platte river system and its various tailwaters, mostly for big wild rainbows. The four of us spent four days backpacking in the Wind River Mountain range, where we caught plenty of cutthroat and brook trout on any fly we wanted. We visited friends in Lander, family in Jackson, and became a tourist for a few days enjoying the glorious  Grand Teton National Park. It was a trip that will always be remembered and one to build off of as future trips West will definitely be in store. Over the next few weeks, most of our posts will be about our experiences fly fishing, camping, and hiking Wyoming.


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