Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Pennsylania's finest...

It was a wet Spring filled with prolonged days of rain and ending with many nightly thunderstorms. Appropriately, a lot of my fishing was done with heavier rods, sinking lines, and a wide variety of articulated streamers. On most weekends, I found myself driving home to where I was born and raised. Over the years, several friends have been catching some amazing trout in waters I never ventured to nor explored in my high school days. From afar, I was curious and a little jealous. Being local, they were able to time everything right. With streamer fishing, timing can be everything. For a weekend warrior living a few hours away, I was never able to take advantage. This year, I finally did. Although I was able to catch some big trout and a few other species, I will be haunted by several big browns that got away. These fish viciously t-boned my flies before cartwheeling through the air and tossing the hook back at my face. Moments like those won't be forgotten and will surely keep me coming back for more...

My preferred streamer rod has been the Loop Cross SX 890-4 paired with an Orvis Hydros HD Depth Charge 250 grain full sinking line. Although a little heavy for most trout fishing situations, it can easily toss big game changers and drunk/disorderly flies all day long. When a two foot brown, big smallmouth, or walleye takes your streamer, it has more than enough power to easily subdue these fish in heavy currents. 

Photo by @danimalgrrr 

Ryan (@pafishing) picked my pocket big time with this beauty of a fish. Congrats man!

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