Saturday, August 12, 2017


Sunrise at Bob's Lake

I hadn't been to Canada in a very long time. In my youth, my Grandfather would take my father, brother, and I across the border to fish the St. Lawrence at one of his friend's cabins. I have vivid memories of those trips and the tourist spots we often frequented. My brother and I would have our fill sitting on the boat and catching sunfish while my Dad and Grandfather baited our hooks, and untangled our lines. On one trip out on the river, I accidentally dropped a brand new rod and reel into the St. Lawrence. The next summer, my Grandfather miraculously snagged the same rod/reel while fishing, cleaned it up, and brought it back home. I was shocked. I ended up using that combo for the next seven years until I bought my first fly rod. The picture below sums up our enthusiasm for fishing that carried its way all the way to this here write up. Thanks Grandpa. 

Fast forward 25 years and I found myself driving across the St. Lawrence with Katie and our dog Zoey in tow. We were meeting up with a group of friends at Bob's Lake and had a cabin reserved for a few days. Our friends had a sweet house rented on a bluff and two bass boats towed up from Pennsylvania. Bass and pike inhabited the lake and we brought our kayaks to join in on the fun. To be honest, the highlights of the trip weren't fishing related. I enjoyed the down time on the porches/docks of the cabin, watching the sunrise/sunsets, and waking up to Loons. We spent a lot of time relaxing out on a rock beach, swimming, cliff jumping, and playing games in the cabin. The fish were all icing on the cake...

Several photos by @ktbmarie

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