Friday, August 14, 2009 remember to strip-set from now on.

Tomorrow, I move to the British Virgin Islands with my girlfriend.  Surrounded by waters haunted by bonefish, barracuda, permit and tarpon will more than test my mediocre fly fishing skills.

I fully expect to see a ton of flies, leaders and, at least once, an entire fly line disappear into the depths hooked to the jaws of some of these sea monsters.  

Prepare for This River Is Wild to take on a little bit of a different flavor in the coming year.  After fishing together for an entire summer, we've now got one member stationed near some seriously prime striper territory around Delaware and Maryland, one member smack in the middle of some of the best trout water in Pennsylvania and one of us living in the caribbean for the next two years.

As soon as I get my feet on the sand I'll be scouting for rolling tarpon, tailing permit and silvery shadows streaking across the flats.  I could not be more pumped for this opportunity.  More to come as soon as I tie-in to one of these saltwater slammers.


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