Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well, I'm sure there are worse places to not be catching any fish...

Unspoiled island paradise with no malls, movie theaters, chain restaurants or highways, but tons of tarpon, bonefish, barracuda and permit that will not eat my fly.

The wonderful state of most things on this island.

The one and only bridge: prime real estate.

View from said bridge, flats in the distance.

Rocky shoreline teeming with fish that are not hungry or amused by anything I throw at them.

Mangroves at low tide.

10wt straining in the wind.

The new 'pocket water'.

At least I have this to come home to after a disappointing day wading through paradise.

Persistence will pay off...eventually.

1 comment:

Fishing Fury said...

As long as you can see fish its just a matter of time before you will catch them!
Keep at it!