Friday, August 21, 2009

Carp Lake X Slay Fest Round 2

I decided to go back to the carp pond early Thursday morning to test if my new fly creation that I used the previous week still held their interest. Low and behold it did, I don’t know how many fish I caught but I did land a few nice fish. There’s something about this fly that they just can’t resist.

Nice Fish

Backing Again...

First Mirror Carp From Lake X

One Thick Fish

Crunch Time

Another Beauty

After the mornings fishing I’d lost all of my creations and ran out of 3x tippit, I stopped in at the Orvis shop on my way home and picked up some materials and the most expensive spool of tippet I'd ever purchased…MaxKnot…it was all they had left. I tied a few flies once I got home and then decided to try my luck with the infamous Canal Carp. I fished the canal from 5:30 until 8:00 and missed two takes, this was the closest I’d ever come to catching one of these insanely smart fish. I was pleased with their interest in my new fly overall and decided to go back early in the morning to try my luck.


Defeated Again...

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