Monday, April 4, 2011

The Plan: Part Two

Well, its been several months now and the plan to get my roommate addicted to fly fishing has not been going so well. I chalk it up to lack of time on the water and other priorities, mainly in the form of his girlfriend. Recently, he made his second ever sojourn out to the creek and for his part, performed remarkably better than last time. An ill advised trek into a snow storm and low twenty temperatures back in January. I spent a hour instructing him at a good hole that had a tricky drift along a large snag in the water column. I told him where the fish would hold and he slowly got closer and closer to the proper location as the flies got closer to the snag as well. I told him he had to live on the edge in order to get the fish and he hooked up twice in that seam, landing one decent brown trout but also losing several trout flies in the process. His casting was getting more efficient as well, which pleased me enough to let him go for the remainder of our few hours on the water. 

Early Black Stones Abound.

A Run That Produced Several Fish For The Apprentice.

He Was Pumped About This Guy.

So, I Had To Top It.

As we worked our way upstream, we stopped near a long deep glide and I gave him a few instructions as I fished along side. After two trips of tips and suggestions it was interesting to watch him apply all that he learned to catch several fish from the hole. He was weary of his back casts due to several overhangs and he knew when and where to mend the line in the water to produce a more natural drift. I matched him fish for fish and we shared laughs from all the fun. 

Living Dangerously, Surrounded By Overhangs. 

Another Holdover Brown.

Weird Cut.

March Stones.

Fresh Stocker Bow.

After the sojourn and for the next few weeks, Derek kept talking about fly fishing. It was then that I realized that the plan wasn't looking all that down. He may not end up fishing as much as I do, but maybe it will manifest itself into a new and everlasting hobby. A lifelong sport to get his mind off the real world and unwind from it all. Something with an infinite amount of room for growth, knowledge, and enjoyment. Something that only fly fishing can truly offer. 

Until Then, I'll Just Try and Catch Bigger Fish Than He Does. 

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