Friday, October 10, 2008

The Beginning.

When I was younger, I sucked at fishing. I was the kid who would go to the local stream on opening day with my father and brother and not catch a thing. I would be sandwiched in between other sons, using the exact same bait and watch as they would pull their limit out. I would sit there and not even receive a bite. I usually took it in stride and sat back and enjoyed the time with my family. I particularly enjoyed having my dad or grandfather untangle the atrocities that my brother and I somehow created at the end of our lines. Little did I know that one day this situation would be reversed.

Hooking into a Pohopoco
I discovered fly fishing at the tender age of 12 when most teenagers have other things in mind. My friend Adam and I always explored the local woods catching various species pretending that we had our own tv show. One particular day ended up changing our lives. While exploring a local small stream that was barely four feet wide Adam busted out his fathers brand new fly fishing outfit to see if we could catch some fish. Settled in at one of the few fishable holes, we experimented with a 9ft 6wt early generation cabelas outfit that probably weighed over a pound. It was ideally suited for the tight quarters we were in and the overhanging branches we had to cast under. I believe we tied a prince nymph to the end of probably 20 pound straight mono and preceded to make the best out of the situation. Adam preceded to share his knowledge of the sport since he was a proud owner of an eagle claw outfit and had caught some fishes before. After Adam caught several "chubs" it was my turn. My first few casts can only be descibed as "chuck and duck". Luckily it was only a prince nymph and not a conehead wooly bugger or else I would have caught something other than a fish. My first fish on a fly rod was sadly not a trout, nor the annoying stream chub, it was a sucker.

A Morning on the Little Lehigh

This sucker, in all its glorious six inches went on to revolutionize my life and fish catching abilities. For my 13th birthday I received a Orvis Clearwater Outfit and as they say the rest is history. Now at the age of 22, fly fishing has become my passion. It is my anti-drug and I am horribly addicted. It is as my friend once said, "a disease". This disease has taken me places that I never would have gone before. It has led to many friendships and brought me closer to my brother and father. It has also led to many a night where schoolwork has been put aside to tie flies or read the new Drake. It will continue to have an exponential role in my life and I hope to share my experiences and more importantly the fish with all fellow fish bums.

A Penns Creek Brown

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