Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Spot.

Every fly fisherman has a favorite spot that encompasses everything they have come to love about the sport of fly fishing. My favorite haunt happens to be the type of stream that I cherish most. The small stream that is chalk full of beautiful trout eager to take your fly. The stream is wonderfully clear and is an entomologists dream for its diverse aquatic life. Inch long caddis pupa and large stoneflies inhabit its riffles and runs.

Taking it all in.

Hoping for the best.

It fishes as well during highwater in the winter as it does in the summer when the water is unreasonably low. In the fall, it is a site to behold as the leaves change and larger trout from a nearby tailwater migrate up it to spawn. These trout, when on the move, are a true challenge in the tight quarters of this stream. Did I mention it was small? Some areas are no more than five feet wide and in the summer the vegetation creates a tunnel, limiting the fishable areas and your ability to sneak up on fish.

A Winter Brown

Winter Wonderland

There are a variety of pools, riffles, and pocket water that hold trout. Around each bend, the stream offers a different opportunity to try your chances against brown, brook, rainbow, and even native tiger trout. These are the types of characteristics that every fly fisherman comes to admire about a stream. Fortunately I have found my dream spot and I only hope that it remains pristine so that future generations can enjoy its bounty.

A Summer Brown

Summer Tunnels

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