Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Urge For Bones.

With a strong urge for some golden bones, Adam and I hit up the local canal and took turns trying to tempt 20+ pounders into taking our offerings. Our timing was a bit off, because we failed to locate any feeding fish. However, we were able to cast to cruising carp that were on the move. Imagine walking down a path, with a steady gaze on the water when all of a sudden a pack of bones the size of your leg are moving rapidly towards you. You literally are running up and down the canal paths with slack line ready to make long accurate casts a ways ahead of them. This is all hoping that they pause to take a look at and possibly take your best shot. When they do pause, spin, and come back for a second look... your adrenaline goes through the roof. I cannot describe the feeling of sight fishing to large carp. It is out of this world. This was our first time attempting to catch these carp in this setting. Having seen so many large fish, we will be back. The challenge and the rushes of adrenaline are too great to pass up.

Getting the Fix, Even Though This Guy is 1/5
The Size of the Intended Quarry.

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