Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First week back from school...

Once my semester came to a long deserved close I had to explore a few bodies of water on the home front in order to kick off my last ever summer vacation. My first stop was Indian Creek, followed by the Lehigh River bordering the Walnutport Canal.

Got to Love Wild Fish

Beautiful Wild Brown

The River was super high and off colored so I opted for my 8wt. and geared up with a lead-head and a box of streamers.

This Brown slammed my black bugger on the swing, it hit and fought so hard I thought it was a smallmouth. After a few powerful runs I managed to get the fish within a reasonable distance to lip it (still thinking its a nice smallmouth). Once I got a glimpse of it in the turbid water, I promptly located my net on my back and went for the scoop.

Average Smallmouth

Small But Mighty

As a walked down the Canal path I took a few casts and was rewarded as well...


Crumby Shot
Hello Summer...

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