Saturday, August 22, 2009

Delaware Bones.

Two weeks of searching and I finally found some golden bones in the state of Delaware. The water is situated right off the Delaware Chesapeake Canal and less than a mile from the saltwater of Delaware Bay. Google Maps and a little direction from Doug at White Clay Outfitters led me there. The lake is quite large and is off the beaten path. A rugged 4-wheel drive high clearance road leads to the water and encircles much of it, but thats all the access it really gives. There are no paths or trails that lead into the water. So once you get in, you are stuck literally in the water and must stalk your quarry carefully. Visibility is low, so you are sight casting to carp that are extremely close to you and the lack of a higher vantage point really throws a spin on things. It was a fun game to play. There aren't any monsters but bones are bones.

Good Place To Park, The Hole In Front Is 1.5 ft. Deep.

First Carp I Saw In Two Weeks Took The Damsel On The First Cast.

No Bank + No Net = No Landing Area

A Splash In The Face and Carp Numero Uno Said, Hasta La Vista.

I Was Pumped, Despite Defeat, & The Multi Took Some Weeds.

Popper Dropper With A Sucker Spawn Does The Job Too.

Skinny Bones.

I Wet Waded For 5 Hours Through This.

The Carp Liked Being In The Thick of Things, Interesting Dilemma.
See His Back?

Small Bass Kept Getting In The Way.

Damsel Doing Work.

The Carp Face.

Mudding Carp & One Muddy Truck.

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Adam said...

Sweet man, I bet you smelled great after wet wading in that crap, haha.