Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sharing The Love

Today I decided to take our good friend Matt “Krupa” out fly fishing. Krupa has only fly fished once in his life, like six years ago when Mark and myself took him out. So anyway, I call up Krupa and wake him up from his nap to propose that he join me in a afternoon of fishing…who could refuse…

We get down to the stream and I start to explain the "dos and don’ts" and I decided to take a cast to demonstrate. I told him, “You see that current break, that’s where they’ll be…”. I proceeded to lay down my Dry-Dropper rig in the current break across stream. I said, “You see how the fly line in the fast current is dragging the dry fly?…” With that I threw in a mend and produced instant dead-drift. Then I said, “Now that I created a dead-drift, you need to pay attention to the dry fly, if it goes under or stops…pull.” Within a second of saying this, the dry fly took a plunge, I said, “like that…..” and set the hook. I had to laugh…Krupa just stood amazed as I handed him the camara.

Casting...I mean, Catching Demonstration.

After I produced a trout on my first cast I felt quite guilty…I handed Krupa my magic wand started guiding him. Krupa’s casting skills are pretty good for someone who only held a fly rod once before. With this Krupa remembered the current break and laid down a cast. As the dry fly approached, I explained how to high-stick…and towards the very end of the drift the dry fly slipped under the surface. “Pull”…and a miss. Krupa’s second cast proved better reflexes. I must say I was pretty pumped when I helped land Krupa’s first trout of the day. As the afternoon went on, Krupa landed three or four trout and a feisty rockbass. The Highlight of the day was when Krupa was following me across the stream and all I heard was water thrashing violently behind me, I turned around to find Krupa getting to his feet with a shit grin on his face, Haha. To his offence I had him wear my flats boots that were five sizes too big and not too good at limestone stream navigation, haha…looked like he was wearing flippers.

Fighting with Flippers...


I'll take another

Rockbass Face

Good thing Krupa was on the Swim Team

A Little Spill Doesn't Stop Krupa...

Action Pose

Soaking Wet + Trout = Good Times

This Happened to Every Single Fish, Haha

All in all you can't beat a day on the water with friends...


christah said...

haha look at krupa go.

Adam said...

Hes a machine I'll tell ya'