Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finding Time...

Between Mark teaching and me still in school we have little time in which to spend on the water together. We decided one Saturday morning to converge on Lake X to do some carpin. We arrived at sunrise to find a population of spooky (conditioned) carp that bolted at the sight of your fly. This scenario is a welcome one to me because it is indeed my fault that they are so spooky.

Mark and I fished our way around the lake with no luck. Then I spotted a lone cruiser 40 feet out, gave him a decent lead and watched him come over and suck it in. During the fight the fish must have dislodged the fly and got re-hooked in one of his attempts to bury itself deep within the weeds, because when I finally landed him the fly was right outside his mouth. I guess technically it wasn’t a legit catch but I didn’t care, I watched him eat fly and getting one to do that on this day was a feat in itself.

Carp Will Make One Do Weird Things...

Not too long after landing my fish, Mark had hooked up in “carp cove”. Carp cove is where about half of the carp population usually resides, making fishing for these fish quite difficult. I hadn’t seen Mark so happy in a long time. There is something about fishing for carp that is unlike any other…it’s the feeling you get after being refused 30 times in a row and then finally hooking up, and in that instance where the fish boils and takes off…well, it’s the best feeling in the world. PERIOD

Tongue Out...Quite Pleased.

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Steven said...

We have some great Carp fishing over here in Canberra, Australia but not too many taking them on the fly. I'm hoping to change that and start spreading the 'disease' as soon as possible.