Wednesday, October 14, 2009

red in tooth and claw.

Twice I've had this happen to a fish that I was fighting. Once, it was a massive barracuda. This time, based on the bite radius, I am going to say shark. The speed at which a predator realizes a fish is not behaving normally, i.e. hooked and struggling for life, and attacks that fish, is unreal. We are talking between 3 seconds of swimming normally, cruising for a meal amidst a school of small baitfish, to getting hooked and being bitten in half.

The importance of steel leaders is paramount. The ferocity of the predators in the ocean, from the mackerel launching themselves 8ft straight up and out of the water to the barracuda striking with lightning speed to the cold and smooth efficiency of the sharks in the shallows here, is a challenge to rise to for any fly fisherman.

This used to be a tiny palometa. They maul schools of baitfish and eagerly take small clousers. They get to be about frisbee-sized and fight like hell, especially in the surf.

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bad fish said...

ouch! and I thought a dolly grabbing a cutthroat was impressive.