Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fish Food.

Spring is fast approaching and along with it comes a smorgasbord of bugs. BWO's, Quills, Caddis, Hendricksons, March Browns, Drakes, and Sulphers. Pennsylvania has got some hot stuff. I am not really a hatch junkie. I prefer to go fishing any chance I get, and whatever happens, happens. I love dry fly fishing but if something is working at the moment, I am not going to take the time to re-rig. My friends and I have been known to throw streamers and multiple nymph rigs in some heavy hatches. However, whenever I do find bugs, I prefer taking pictures of them. When I do have the urge to tie a dry fly on, I have had some of my best fly fishing experiences. This spring, I am going to go out of my way to fish dries more often.

Spruce Hollow Stone.

Electric Glow.

Lehigh River Stones Hatch En Masse.

Peek A Boo.

There Whole Life Preparing For One Moment...
& They Lay Their Eggs on My Driveway.

Small Stones.

If Old Men Were Caddis Larva...


Great Speckled Olive Dun.
White Clay.
I Asked Charlie Meck.





More to Follow.

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