Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like Christmas Morning.

Few experiences can replicate the feeling of a young child on the eve of Christmas. The night is spent with anticipation and doubt. Were you naughty or nice? Will you get a bag of coal or will your wildest dreams come true? Nothing can beat the feeling when you tear out of bed and run into the living room to find presents. Ripping open gift upon gift is an adrenaline rush. With the realization that Santa does not exist (sorry if I am breaking the news to you) this moment is lost in time unable to ever be fully realized again. Except, if your a fly fishermen.

Like Wearing a Swimsuit.

We happen to be blessed with a sport that provides an endless amount of new toys and with these new toys we can faithfully duplicate Christmas morning. The mailman becomes Santa and work becomes the sleepless night before hand. The car ride home becomes the run out to the living room and the wrapping is a sticker on the door signifying that your day is about to be made. With my new found solvency I have been recreating Christmas morning a little too often. Last week it was new waders and new boots to go with. This week I can barely stop the urge for a new rod. All stuff I do not need. But man, do I want it.

Real Comfortable Boots.

BOA: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

I took the plunge this time. For the past ten years I have been buying low end boots and waders from Cabelas. In the beginning they would last me around two years. As the day trips became several days and in some cases dozens of days, those two years became one. The last pair barely lasted a full year. I have bought more wading boots in the last ten years than I have bought sneakers. This time I splurged. I got discounted Cloudveil 8x Pro Waders and the new Korker's Kling-On Predators. Christmas morning indeed. I am now performing a test. Is it better to buy high end gear and hope they last several years? Or is it better to buy low end and have to buy new ones every year or two. Time will tell. Until then, I will thoroughly enjoy my newfound comfort on the stream, in the car, and in public places.

White Clay Creek.

Much Improved Bend After Flooding Event.

Shallow Runs.

Eager Stocked Nemo Hammered UV Tube Minnow.

Nice Stocker Brown.

Bent the 2wt to the Cork.


Old Toys: The Gift That Keeps Giving.

Deer Carcass.

Senyo's Ice Man Minnow Rocks My Socks.

Good Looking Stocker.

All About the Soft Hackle.

& Some Flash.

Add the Mohawk To Stockpedia.
Shredded Dorsal Fin.

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