Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Bones.

My friend Nate and I have been fishing together for a little over year now. During this time his skills as an angler have greatly improved. Although…one species of fish has constantly found a way to push his shit in (as he would so elegantly put it). This past weekend I set out to change that.

Considering it was his birthday, I made it a priority to help Nate get revenge on the golden ghost. After a night of mass producing my secret zygopteran’ weapon, Nate and I embarked on a trip to Lago X. After rigging up, it didn’t take long to spot the first few carp of the day. They were enjoying the bright sunny afternoon in normal fashion, lying motionless but a few inches from the surface. To the avid carp fisherman, these individuals are but a tease in their mid-afternoon slumber, but I figured we’d give it the good ole’ college try. Nate’s first cast gave one of the carp a mild concussion, so needless to say we had to move on. After a brief walk I spied one working the shoreline, it was the perfect scenario…the fish was slowly coming towards us, stopping periodically to feed. Two botched casts had me looking for carp number three. Carp number three was mudding with his back turned, I set Nate up closer than usual and directed him on where to place the fly. His first cast wasn’t anywhere close…a slow retrieve allowed for a second attempt. This time, the line landed on a pile right on top of the fish…I watched as the fly slowly parachuted down to the bottom landing directly to the fishes right. Still astounded that the fish wasn’t half way across the lake…I watched as the fish slowly turned on the fly. In the time it took me to pick my jaw off the ground, the fish was face down. SET! I deafened Nate’s right ear, and gave him a big slap on the back as the fish took off.

Smittin' for Birthday Bones

Hmm...I wonder who he gets it from...

After a fishless week of school it was about time I got bent too…

Carp Stance

Admiring the Bend


Giving me trouble...

A lively little guy.


TheDuke33 said...

Hell yeah dawg. I'd love to go carpin' with ya. I bet they fear you.

Michael Agneta said...

That carp in the 'hoist' shot is a pig. Awesome post; I'm a trout guy, but have much love for carp.