Friday, April 16, 2010

Role Reversal.

With opening weekend in the rearview mirror, I concentrated on spending some quality time with the old man. It is always interesting to fish with Big Poppa Pump (Soft). It brings back memories of my youth when the situation was reversed. We ended up walking several miles of local water fishing for wild brown trout and the occasional stocker. Along for the ride, was Riley our four year old chocolate labrador. For the first half of the day, I decided to use the old bamboo rod for the first time. I caught a fat little wild brown on it in the first hole and then packed it away for the rest of the morning. After that, I guided the pops and kept Riley from chasing waterfowl, swimming through holes, and disturbing the spin fishermen.

The Long Productive Walk.

First Fish on Bamboo: Chunker Wild Brown.

Probably a Two Year Old.

Young of the Year.

Black Caddis Congregating Under the Bridge.

Big Poppa Pump Working A Small Run.

Riley Sticking Close on Alert.

Largest Wild Brown of the Day.

A Surprise Out of a Newly Formed Hole.

Rock Hopping.

First Stocker of the Day.

New Species for Stockpedia: Nemo Free Willy Brown With a Mole.

Riley Mid-Shake.

Wild Browns in All the Right Places.

We Have Liftoff.

Average Fish.

Forgetting to Clamp The Barb Sucks.


Another Pale Stocked Brookie.

Last Wild Brown.

Until Next Time...


Bigerrfish said...

Nice phots and writing, karma huh? how is that thumb doing now? looks like a fun little stream.

Mark said...

thumb was fine, hurt like hell pulling the fly out though. nice stocker brown took my bottom fly, as he swam away he caught my top fly driving the bottom into my thumb. small hook, small gap, and the barb was in all the way and i couldn't push it through... therefore I had to rip it out.