Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bad Company

They get you with water coverage.  It's simple math, really.  So I put down the flies for some big stupid shiny things that came in a tangled mass of hooks and glitter.

The high-speed chases and explosive reflex-like reactions of big toothy fish are nice, don't get me wrong.  But I still felt as though I could quit at any time and go back to the long rod, pick up that 10wt quietly collecting dust back at the house...

It would be so easy, I told myself.

Then out came the sabiki rigs and the big nasty circle hooks.  We started jigging for....bait.

Sitting on the dock or bridge with some beers and pizza, there was time for socializing instead of the endless mental challenge of scanning for fishy shapes in shallow water.

It felt wrong.  It was too easy.  Big fish need to be earned.  Right?

But we caught some monster fish.  The conversion to the dark side was complete.

This is a cautionary tale, lest you find yourself sleeping in bus shelters near secluded docks on more-or-less deserted islands, with racks of spinning rods, coolers of beer and good friends snoring on the wooden benches after fishing into the wee hours.  Consider yourself warned.

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