Saturday, May 12, 2012

No, But I Didn't See You

Almost a year ago, I embarked for the first time with my Diablo Chupacabra SUP Yak. I heard about a lake deep in the woods that could only be accessed by having a kayak. I scoured Google maps for a way to get my kayak in and settled on what looked to be a trail. Well, it took me over two hours to get my kayak back to the lake and it amounted to bushwacking. With a massive yak, it wasn't a good idea. Leaving the lake, I found an alternative entry/exit point but it went through state property. I returned last week with the intention of trespassing.

I arrived, geared up, and took my kayak on a long haul to the edge of the property. A large hangar housed some heavy machinery, and I walked inside to do something I have never done: ask for permission. I decided on this to cover my butt in case someone stopped me. I asked if I could access the lake in the woods and he replied,

"No, But I didn't see you".

That was all I really needed to continue on. He mentioned that if Fish and Game stopped by, I might get a heavy fine, but I was willing to take the risk. He told me to lie and tell them that I accessed the lake some other way. It sounded like a plan, and I pushed on into the woods. I took apart my carriage and had to carry the yak and my other gear about a hundred yards through the woods to a put in that was overrun by vegetation. I put in with the intention of catching some nice bass.

For all the effort, the results didn't match the risk. I caught a decent number of bass, all mostly small. However, I was granted an afternoon alone on a lake, deep in the woods with only beavers, heron, osprey, and a bald eagle to keep me company. I was fine with that.


Mark Kautz said...

The fishing was good, the company was good, and you didn't get busted. All in all a pretty good day.


Gregg said...

Very nice pictures of an unknown private playground. Strange to me about the Fish and Game haunting a private water for trespassers, don't think they do that here unless there are complaints. However, your hard work was very rewarding for all the reasons you stated. That was nice.


Feather Chucker said...

Great pics and write up as always.