Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Night Lights 2.

In less than 24 hours all three of us will reconvene for three weeks of fishing. Straight fishing. We try to replicate this experience every summer and we have taken a habit of calling it, "A Taste of the Dream". This year, year four, will be the first time we will be fishing in saltwater for our lengthy summer gathering. Adam and I have very little experience fly fishing in saltwater, while Matt has had the pleasure of living in the Caribbean for a little less than a year. Hopefully we will find some success on our own, on foot, and at the mercy of mother nature. For the past month we have been hitting the vice to fasten our mouse traps for some of the most highly sought after game fish on the planet. We don't normally show a lot of fly tying so this is our second "tying post". Friday night lights. Not football. Just three dudes, some PBR, High Life, and a whole lot of tying and talking. I just want to thank my mother and grandmother for allowing me to cover the entirety of our dining area (for a month) with all my tying material. Many a time feathers and bits of tying material floated into a drink or on a piece of chicken. Here is some of our saltwater arsenal we have tied up for the trip.

Full Arsenal.

Shark Flies.

Fish Skullz, UV Ice Dub, & Some EP.

Some Needlefish and a Monster EP Peanut Butter For Some Cuda'

Matt's Sampler.

Close Up Of Matt's Elk Hair Work.

Some Jigs. 
Tungsten Cone In There.

Some Baitfish w/ Built In Bite Guards.

Polar Fibre Minnows. 

Gummy Minnows.
From Tarpon To Bonefish.

Some Baitfish.

Some Sand Eels w/ Jigs.
I'll Save Them For Some Stripers. 

Tarpon Toads.

Adam's Perfect Toads.


Some Tarpon Fry.
Too Big @ 2 Inches.


Crab Sandwiches.

EP Rules.


Will Senyo's Ice Man UV Minnow Catch Tarpon?
We Shall See.

Polar Minnow With A Mid Layer of UV Ice Dubbing.

Adam's Bonefish Arsenal.

Some Deceivers.
Fish Skullz.

Bunny Tarpon.
Tan, Chartreuse, White, Purple, & Black Death.

Micro Polar Minnows For Bones.

Adam's Got Crabs.


Some Shrimp.

Some Kwabbits.

Shrimp w/ Mink Tail.

Upon Closer Inspection.

Gotcha? Charlie?
Whatever They Are Called.

Bonefish Bitters.

Borski Sliders.

Bigtime Gurgler.
Mark + Boehms + Gartside

Some Way Too Large Size 6 Crabs.


Bigerrfish said...

It looks you run a fly shop by looking at this post.
I have to hand it to you guys, I realize the time it takes to make the flies and take the pictures, by the time those things hook in to a fish they will have had quite a ride. Hope you guys have fun.

Takes me back to when, friends accually stuck together and met up for a marathons like that.. I hate the word but I feel a little "jealous" never fishing salt water, our trio was split by devorce and anger.

All about the grab said...

Impressive arsenal of fluff lads,I truly know how much effort went into that post from its inseption to me reading it.

Scott Dickey said...

Those are some seriously clean and well tied flies! Nice work. I hope all the hard work pays off for you guys on your trip. Looking forward to the trip report.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Nice flies. Really nice flies.

Mark said...

Many thanks guys...

hopefully all the hard work pays off.