Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Hunt.

The summer thus far has been very hot and bone dry limiting the opportunities for cold water fish such as trout. We (noticeably) have turned our full attention to carp. With carp and other warm water species on the mind we have been looking for new water to fish. The decision to look for new water is a tough one. Do we return to our normal waters where we know what to expect? Or do we turn our attention to a full day of bushwhacking looking for a solitary fish? The search for new carp water often becomes a hunt and more often than not we come up empty handed. On this particular day, we fully examined a place where we thought carp would be. Following our hunches, we bushwhacked two miles of stream side brush through thorns, poison, and stinging nettles. No carp were spotted. We entered the water after our search and began probing looking to make up for lost time. 

The Hunt.

The Endless Search.

Carp Food.

Descending in the Water Column.

What Carp Food Becomes...

Slowly Getting His Color.

Plenty of Rock Bass.

The Occasional Largemouth Sighting.

Boo Ya.

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