Sunday, February 13, 2011


Over the past few years I slowly lost interest trout fishing. The trout streams of my youth were all but forgotten in the wake of a tailing golden ghost. Since then I haven’t looked back.

I believe one of the reasons I gave up trout fishing was the fact that my techniques became too routine…not to mention that carp are ten times smarter and a more worthy adversary. Haha! Anyway, while growing up I taught myself how to fish for trout through good ol’ trial and error. As it stood, indicator nymphing was a successful technique. If you’re a fourteen year old boy who wanted to catch fish..why stray from what works? Now ten years later...

Look Like Multi Color Crane Fly Larvae to me


..A Winter Staple


For the avid carp fisherman a Mid-Atlantic winter can be one of the hardest things to endure. The snow and ice messes with your head and sooner or later you’ll resort to anything just to get bent...even if it’s your last.

So in order to spice things up a bit I decided to try my hand at euro-nymphing for the first time. I also decided to get in touch with my Polish roots and tie up some Vladi Worms to use as anchor flies in my “street sweeper rig”. My first few attempts at the Vladi turned out to look more like grubs than worms…there is definitely a learning curve involved in fly tying with lubricated latex. As for dropper and point flies, I tied up some midges…which really made me miss tying carp flies. I also double-perfection-looped a piece of backing to use as a sighter.

Beautiful Wild Fish

Every once in awhile catching a few salmonids is a good way to pass the time...I suppose...

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