Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weak Sauce.

Word on the street was that Phil didn't see his shadow and predicted an early spring for all. With that prediction came unseasonably warm weather that brought rain to the area. So it was that on a rainy, cold, high thirties day I headed to water with the hope of finding flowing water free from winter's grip. 

Mist, Fog, Rain, & Ice.

I was looking for flowing water and for the most part, I found it. Unexpectedly, I found several cars in the many parking areas dotting the stream. Other anglers had similar plans and I was faced with a dilemma. Do I head upstream or downstream? I found a parking lot with only one other car and after noticing the TU sticker on the back of the truck, I knew that I had a 50/50 shot of fishing behind someone all day. I chose to head downstream towards the less productive water hoping that he chose the better section. I rigged up before a large hole filled with ice before heading downstream to the first open bend. Just as I was arriving another angler came tumbling out of the woods at a brisk pace. He had the nerve to ask me if you could throw in the hole first and I willingly obliged due to the balls it took to even ask that question. After he left open handed, we talked briefly and before long several of his buddies were coming upstream as well. They had walked through and fished the previous mile of water with no luck. They moved on and I found myself stuck between two groups of anglers fishing limited water and getting sloppy seconds, thirds, and fourths. 

Red Dots & Halos a Plenty. 

Receding Ice & Snow.

High Stick Anticipation.

With really no other choice, I fished on for most of the day and was able to nab several willing stocked fish. Including two vampire browns that looked like they were raised in pitch dark tanks and had some tiger trout genes. Their fins were either missing or bent in awkward shapes finding nemo style. They served as a reminder of the upcoming spring stocking and the various fish that fall into the stockpedia post from last year. With this being the only water close enough for a quick fix, I must settle for some weak sauce. However, I'll happily take it, and you can't really beat a day on the water, even in the rain. 

Ice Was Refusing to Let Go.

Weapon of Destruction.

Brown on the Midge. 


Mark Kautz said...

Hey Mark. Man, you have to hate those kind of fishermen or idiots, how ever you want to define them. Makes you jsut want to shoot them and put the out of their misery. Glad you, at least, managed a couple.


Michael Agneta said...

i'll take weak sauce for a quick fix anyday.

Mark said...

@ Shoreman- I didn't really mind the company, I was just frustrated, they are out there for the same reason I am.

@ troutrageous- beats the hell out of anything else I would have been doing!