Monday, July 20, 2009


The crew has stumbled upon a new destination for carp. We have been looking for such a place for over a year now, and lets just say that we are pumped to finally have a new place to catch some golden bones. Up to this point we have been getting our carp fix from a puddle in the earth that we like to call the acid pond. The acid pond is relatively easy but does not have many large carp. Our other, relatively new, stomping ground has been the local canal. Unfortunately, the canal resides on the other end of the difficulty scale. However, the canal contains carp approaching 40 inches. What we have found resides somewhere in between the two and has some pretty impressive specimens. Check it.

Sick Pattern.

Notch Nose.

Adam Getting A Taste Of Bones.

And Some More...

On The Damsel.

When You See This Face...Set The Hook.

Matt Taking Aim.

Fresh Off the Flats.

Perfect Weather...Overcast.

Slam Hoss.

Another Slammer...

My New Personal Best.
One Happy Dude.

Can't Wait To Go Back...

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