Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Real" Golden Bones

One morning I decided to brave the mosquito infested Walnutport Canal in search of the smartest carp on the planet. I arrived at canal to see a shoal of tailing carp (an oddity). I began to sight fish to some of the biggest fish I've ever seen, after a few refusals and a few spooked carp I see a huge tail flopping on the surface to my far left. I promptly unloaded my stripping basket and lead the fish about 5 feet. My heart went crazy when I seen him turn and come in for a closer inspection, at this point I realize that this isn't no carp either, its the biggest koi I've ever seen...a split second later "go time commenced". As I fought this koi I utter phrases that are unspeakable...mind you I'm the only person there yelling and talking to a goldfish...yeah well..the video footage I took is priceless. I finally landed the fluorescent mini-sub and snapped a few pics.

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Unknown said...

I may be a bit late, but well done!

I'm finding a few of your old posts as I have the carp fever real bad, and it's December!!!