Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worm Dunker Cup Holder.

Every year on my local waters, I head out not knowing what to expect. This is due to the annual opening day extravaganza of trout season and the subsequent pillage that takes place. Since my local streams lack a quality wild brown trout population, the streams are stocked full of hatchery fish and this in turn attracts the harvesters. Every year I hope that they throw back the natives they catch so the resource may remain for many years to come. Each year the results can vary. With such a small population of wild browns, the largest fish are far and few between. This year, the natives are rather abundant and Adam and I have caught some of the largest wild browns we have ever caught out of these waters.

Remnants. The Worm Dunker Cup Holder.

A Survivor...

Released To Grow & Live Another Day.

Small Pretty Native.

Landing A Trout Amongst The Trees.

Another Little Beauty.

Battling A Surprise.

About As Big As They Get.

What It's All About.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, some nice browns for that skinny water. I'm kinda jealous right now. ;)