Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rise Forms.

Of all aspects of fly fishing that I have encountered, I have yet to find anything that gets me more excited than a rise to a dry fly. Rises represent an open invitation by the fish, that challenges anglers to fulfill some of the basic fundamentals of fly fishing: Observation, Positioning, and Presentation. When those three basics come together, and the fish decides to investigate, the angler is left afloat, supported by a sudden rush of adrenaline that seems to transfer from the fish, to the fly rod, eventually finding its way coursing through the veins of your body. In that moment, when everything comes together, you have reached one of the most fulfilling aspects of the sport.

Fly Fisherman's Paradise Tying Session.

Matching The Hatch.

Getting The Best Position.

Setting The Hook.

The Fight Is On...7x.

Big Bow.

Close Up.

Yea Baby.

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Troutdawg said...

Nice sequence of pictures!