Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash Flood.

Since I graduated college I haven’t posted here on the blog…mostly due to the fact that five years of typing papers took its toll on me. If my memory serves me correctly, the last thing I wrote/typed was a lab report on a three gene cross between F1 generation Drosophila melanogaster. This lack of posting/school work has done wonders for the realm of fishing. I probably have at least twenty things I could be posting about but I think Flash-Flood-Carping ranks pretty high up on the list.

These days there isn’t much that’s going to stop me from fishing, in this case a flash flood watch. The forecast called for periods of torrential rain, with my destination located deep within the concrete jungle I knew I was in for an interesting day. Lago X is fed by multiple drainage pipes that channel the thick inner city soup of the day directly into the mouths of dozens of carp.

Coming to hand

With rising water levels carp tend to explore/forage their new habitat quite eagerly making them easy targets for the fly angler. Even with three inches of visibility I was able to bring nine or so fish to hand. Talk about instinctual hook sets… “Does he have it” I’d say aloud to myself milliseconds before I set the hook and become soaked by the violent boil that erupts merely feet from where I stand, haha. Good Shit.

I got WET

I think I'll wait this one out

Carp Parking Only.

Editing Fun

The new flats


First ever tube fly carp


Bigerrfish said...

Wow on the flood, and whoa on the fish!! and better give a whoot! on that crawdad.

Adam said...

Thanks man. I lost that tube craw on a string of Christmas lights my next cast. Haha! Bummer.