Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flash Flood 2.

Driving down the highway, the windshield wipers are beating back and forth at their maximum level. The rain is coming down like cats and dogs and we are heading out into the thick of it. Our target: GBONES. It is around noon and a band of severe thunderstorms is rolling through the valley wrecking havoc on small streams, city streets, power lines, and old trees. Not the type of weather to go fly fishing in let alone sight fishing for ten pound carp in skinny water. Normally these storms come out of nowhere impacting a planned day of fishing. This time, we are knowingly heading out in the middle of a nice system dropping buckets on top of our heads.

 Carpin' in the Rain.

All Smiles.

Good Fish To Get The Ball Rolling.

The Second.

Small Damsel.

Our reasoning is simple. The hot weather and lack of steady rain has lowered water levels and increased the amount of vegetation on our spring creek fed paradise. The fish are spooky and increasingly difficult to entice with a fly. We need every advantage we can get. Chocolate milk water be damned, it is probably easier than the gin clear waters of the summer because the carp let their guard down. They have trouble spotting us on the bank or our lines on the water. We can literally walk up right on top of them and have several chances before they spook. The carp also like their new territory. The water level rises several feet thanks to runoff from the showers. The runoff brings food too and they line up in the "rapids" to pick off anything resembling a food source. Pretty cool stuff.

None Too Pleased With a Missed Hookset.

High Dirty Water.

The Third.

We roll up and step out to embrace the rain. A recent storm is passing through and the tail end of the showers is raining down upon us. By the time I rig up, Adam has already caught a carp. As I make my way to my next destination he hooks and lands another. I make my way back and get off a few casts before he gets yet another golden bone. All three coming in pouring rain. As I finish taking a few pictures, the rain begins to taper off and the fishing gets challenging again. A few more fish come to hand and we leave the lake just as a new storm is rolling in.

Getting Under The Willow.

One of Only a Few Mirrors.

The Fourth.

The Best Part.

Thunder & Lightning Bearing Down.

Golden Slab Amidst The Chocolate Drank.

I Am About To Be Dripping Wet Too.

A Gift to the Rain God.

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Casey Mattson said...

Nice fish. Hoping to have that same type of success soon. Keep up the good work.