Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traffic Stop.

My routine migration down the Pennsylvania Turnpike and onto I95 was taking far longer than expected. The usual two hour trip was approaching hour three and I wasn't even halfway. Holiday weekend traffic. As I slowly lurched by accident number five I decided to get the hell off the highway and make a little traffic stop. Back in the fall, I scouted out a new carping locale. It is nicely situated halfway on the route and I like to save it for certain occasions such as this one. I made my way to the small lake and geared up for a quick fix. The carp were situated in the shallows amongst algae, sticks, and floating debris. Visibility being very low, I relied on reading the carp's body language to determine whether or not they inhaled my offering. The presentation had to be precise and on the nose. During my jaunt I was able to bring one small carp to hand before venturing back to the highway. The traffic now gone, I was left with a relatively open road all the way to my destination. Traffic averted.

Two Feeding Carp.
One Miller High Life.

A Curious Snapping Turtle.

On the Lookout.

Cruising Orange Koi.

The Reward.

1 comment:

Bigerrfish said...

cul shirt. and an awesome shot of the carp fin coming out of the water as it feeds.. you earned the reward no doubt