Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few weeks back my buddy Ray and I decided to visit another one of our good friends from college, Travis (Travy) who works at the Marine Science Consortium located on Wallops Island, Virginia. Any road trip in my eyes isn’t complete without some sort of fishing being involved. So obviously I packed more fishing gear than clothing and embarked on the five hour journey to Virginia.

First cast of the day

First catch of the day

Getting my wings

Top fly: blue over white Clouser minnow

Hello Jelly

View from below

It didn’t bother me that forecast called for rain all day, I was going to try my luck in the salt. Being that it was only my second time fishing the salt I was pretty pumped. I found it funny how excited I got to fish for tiny flounder for two days, when in two weeks I’ll be heading to the Caribbean to fish for tarpon and bonefish for three weeks..which I still haven’t come to realization with.


Its rough being a Terrapin in breeding season

First cast into the surf


Shake 'N Bake

Imprisoned by low tide

...and here's Travy with the weather.
"Nice" Shorts.

WTF? Snagged a Butterfly Ray

Seeing eye to eye...Travy looking classy as always.

Sea Turtles, Mate...

Mr. Grater and I Got WET

No..that's not brain coral

Stripping guards...300 miles away.

Day two: Absolutely Beautiful

One of day two's bounty

Photos thanks to Ray Grater

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